When it happened

Sunday, April 28, 2013

How we got engaged

It was a Sunday afternoon...well, at least that's when it began.  We just left church and Amy was meeting her best friend Courtney for lunch and to go "wedding dress shopping".  There was a lot of prep work that went into this day and the time between church and Amy meeting Courtney was the most critical moment.  You see, I created a book, sort of a map, for Amy, one that led her across town and that would eventually lead her to...well I'll get there in a minute.

Amy didn't know it, but this "most critical moment" was really a race... to the restaurant, which happened to be the same restaurant where we had our first date, and unexpectedly where I got a boot on my car and had to fish $105 ($100 for the ticket and of course $5 for the parking that we neglected to pay) from an ATM, in a shady bar, down the street.  Who wouldn't want to start a relationship that way?...so why not start this day in the same place we started dating.  So...I'm racing, Courtney's staling and Amy, well she was frustrated about traffic keeping her from her friend.  I was grateful for the traffic though...I needed that extra time to reach the restaurant first, drop off the book and explain myself to the hostess, who graciously agreed to hold on to the book and give it to their waiter to eventually give to Amy with the check.  Once I dropped it off, I knew I was good.  I just had to stay one step ahead of her...

They enjoyed lunch at Cane Rosso, then headed to get a massage, then to get cupcakes at Sprinkles, then dress shopping, then home to get cleaned up, and finally to Flag Pole Hill, just north of White Rock Lake.  There I waited, guitar in hand, for the beautiful person that would eventually make her way to me.  I was grateful I wasn't alone...I was nervous...I pretty much knew the answer, but I really wanted her to feel special and to realize I loved her so much...luckily a few of her friends joined me on the hill to celebrate with us.  Miah was there to take pictures and we're so grateful to her for capturing the moment as it took place.  Melody and Rachel were there as well to hold signs that would lead Amy to the top of the hill.

I was excited to see her get out of Courtney's SUV and watch her beautiful smile as she met me at the top.  I had written a song for Amy, crafted just for this moment.  There was a white chair, with a vase full of her favorite flowers sitting next to it, and also holding her ring.  There she sat as I attempted to sing to her.  At the end, I asked her to marry me, and well you wouldn't be reading this right now if she said anything but "Yes!"  We hugged, kissed and talked for a few moments while her friends stood back wondering if it was okay to join us yet.  Neither one of us knew what to do at that point...it was  a lot of planning and build up...but now what...oh yes, we started planing this...the wedding we hope to share with all of you!


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